Yahoo! Voices Review and Interview

"If you're an aspiring entertainment journalist or an entertainment junkie, Francine Brokaw's new book is ready to take you on a behind-the-scenes look at life beyond the red carpet. The veteran writer recently published "Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists," and it's chock full of interviews and tidbits from some of the top entertainment journalists in the business. ..."

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Cupid's Pulse Interview

"We chatted with the author about her experiences in the entertainment industry, specifically those celebrity interviews about lasting love and messy break-ups, and her advice for up-and-coming journalists. ...

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The Celebrity Cafe.com Review

"In her new book, Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists, author, Francine Brokaw gives readers an uncensored view of life as an entertainment journalist, dispelling the myth that this is not a hard-working and competitive career. ..."

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Media Bistro Fishbowl LA Review

"The format of Francine Brokaw’s breezy 182-page book Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists, available next Tuesday, is exceedingly straightforward. Under various themed chapter headings, the veteran Family Magazine Group reporter and current member of the TCA asks a group of colleagues to recall Strange Interviews (Chapter 4), Twilight Zone Moments (Chapter 5) and Off the Record (Chapter 10) detours. ..."

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LA Family Review

If you're interested in becoming an entertainment journalist, or are simply intrigued by that world, veteran writer Francine Brokaw's new book Beyond the Red Carpet -- The World of Entertainment Journalists, will provide you with an insider's view into this fascinating profession. …

Filled with funny, moving and outrageous anecdotes from Francine herself, as well as 30 of her colleagues across the country, this book will make you laugh-out-loud and keep you reading from cover to cover…”


Tolucan Times Review

To understand what it takes to cover the Hollywood beat, there is the great new book, Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists by author Francine Brokaw…”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Review

“…some amusing anecdotes about covering the entertainment business.”


Radio Free Review

“…Francine Brokaw provides an interesting and insightful guided tour of the work life of those unsung journalists holding the microphone up to your favorite personalities and asking the questions.”

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Movie Reviews and More Review

Beyond The Red Carpet by Francine Brokaw



Overall Review:
  / 5 -
Reviewed by: Brian Sebastian









In four words…Its Exciting,Entertaining Educational and it has  Empathy! Francine Brokaw show’s us, what its like to dive into the trenches and do interviews in “The World Of Entertainment Journalists’.It’s a great read and I suggest anybody going into ‘The World Of Entertainment Journalist’ to check it out.

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One Bad Apple Dish Review

Beyond the Red Carpet

Is your favorite star off camera the same as on camera? This weekend I spent some enjoyable time reading Francine Brokaw's book, "Beyond the Red Carpet," which reveals the world of entertainment journalists. She shares with us comments, stories and different perspectives of thirty other entertainment journalists along with her own experiences of interviewing specific stars in Hollywood. What a fun, entertaining, and informative book for anyone that is interested in the behind scenes of entertainment and/or a career in the entertainment business. Aren't we all curious about celebrities?

Having been interviewed myself a few times and listening to countless Osmond interviews over the past 37 years, it was delightful to read from the journalist's perspective, their personal experiences and stories when interviewing celebrities. Francine even mentions how her phone interview with Donny and Marie went.

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