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It’s (usually) a fun job. But as my friend Francine Brokaw wrote in her book Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists, it is "just a job for us. And though we do have some interesting experiences, the job requires a lot of work."

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Examiner.com Interview

"In her new book, she spoke to several other journalists about their experience in the business. This book is one that you won't want to put down when you start reading it. It is very interesting to hear the stories of her career. They stories are interesting, funny, and it is great to hear of the big names they have been given the chance to interview." ...

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Salt Lake Magazine

Francine Pullman Brokaw is an SLC native with a passion for writing about celebrities. In her new book,Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalism, which won second place in the LA Press Club's National Entertainment Journalism Awards, Francine takes a personal look at the lives of celebs like Johnny Depp, Julie Andrews, Tom Hanks and Lindsay Lohan, and she gives an insider's view of entertainment journalism.

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Lifting Hearts Spotlight

I'm excited about this interview!  I was contacted by a cancer survivor, and entertainment journalist, Francine Brokaw, about doing an interview for our blog recently.  Francine's new book has been released, which makes it a good time to tell you a bit about her.  She says that her book,Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists, has helped her to reach out to cancer survivors - it is a tool for her to share how her life's path changed after her diagnosis.  From all of the reviews I've read, it looks to be a fun, entertaining read - maybe something you can sit down with to get away from all the drama in your own life! :)  I'm excited to get my copy!  Click on the title above to link to Amazon, where you can purchased it. :)"

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Business Info Guide Interview

 What is your book about?

My book,Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists, takes readers into the lives and experiences that we, entertainment journalists, have encountered in our careers. Not only are my own experiences documented, but I also interviewed thirty of my colleagues from around the country and Canada and in all areas of the business (TV, radio, print and online) to give readers, for the first time, a backstage pass to our jobs. While this is not a celebrity tell-all, there are many celebrities named in the stories.

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Good Enough Mother Interview

Survivor Stories: Francine Brokaw

"We all face forks in the road of life. Don’t be afraid to try a new direction. It might be exactly where you were meant to go."

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Buddy Hollywood Review/Interview

Watching movies before they open. Interviewing actors, directors and producers. Sounds glamorous, right? Author and veteran writer Francine Brokaw pulls back the curtain of entertainment journalism in her new book, “Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists.” ...

Switching from interviewer to interviewee, Francine Brokaw answered a few questions about her book...

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Pick of the Month at Bookviews by Alan Caruba

Offbeat and entertaining, Francine Brokaw takes one Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists ($11.99, Sourced Media Books, softcover) provides an uncensored view of life as an entertainment journalist with the help of thirty colleagues who share their personal stories and funny anecdotes about celebrity interviews.The author has had a long career interviewing major celebrities over the years and if you aspire to this career, this is the one book you should read.

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Dish Mag

"...A fascinating romp through the wide-world of entertainment, Brokaw will wow you with her wit and irascible charm, while taking you on a back-stage tour you won’t soon forget."

Malibu Surfside News

Entertainment Journalist Shares Secrets of Craft

...“Beyond the Red Carpet contains many fascinating and often funny anecdotes about major Hollywood players." ...

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