Francine Brokaw has been a professional writer for over twenty-five years, focusing on entertainment, politics, travel, and celebrity interviews.

However, the path wasn’t always easy for her. In the midst of her career, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Faced with the fact that there were many things that she could no longer do, including playing her favorite game of tennis, Francine had to reinvent herself.  She admits that changing the direction of her life was the most difficult thing she’s ever done. Although she had been a writer for many years, her passion for entertainment journalism flourished after she found out about her diagnosis. Just like the millions of people who enjoy reading about Hollywood and the rich and famous, entertainment journalism relaxed Francine as she went through the myriad of tests and doctor visits after her diagnosis.  Little did she realize that this bump in the road would lead her on the path to a successful, life-long career.


Francine has interviewed countless celebrities including Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Julie Andrews, Kevin Spacey, Johnny Depp, Anthony Hopkins, and Madonna. Her work has been syndicated throughout California and in national and international newspapers, magazines and on multiple websites. She is also a contributing writer for LA Family.


Prior to entertainment journalism, Francine was the assistant forum manager for MSN's Safe Computing Forum and also wrote for the Women Online forum on MSN.com. Her writing career began while she was working as a political consultant for several state and national political figures. She is also a contributor to the 1993 book RFK: Collected Speeches.


Francine is accredited by the MPAA and is a long-standing member of the Television Critics Association. She is also a member of the Los Angeles Press Club.