Dalmatian Day at Disney

Let’s face it. I’m a big Disney fan. So when I was invited to the 101 Dalmatians Global Press Event I couldn’t wait.  The movie is a classic and the event provided me with a lot of additional information about the making of the film as well as those associated with it. Unfortunately, one of my favorite actors of all-time, Rod Taylor who voiced Pongo in the film, passed away last month so he was not at the event. But Lisa Davis, the voice of Anita, Mimi Gibson, the voice of Lucky, and Floyd Norman, one of the animators at the studio, were on hand to regale us with memories and fun facts. And, in all honesty, they were all gracious and entertaining people!

Disney usually has some very interesting bonus features on their home entertainment releases, including “Disney View” which adds creative side panels to the screen instead of viewing the 4X3 aspect ratio formatted films with plain black side panels. If you haven’t selected this option on your Disney discs, give it a try. 

Yes, the bonus features add some great info about the movie, but the press event was even more informative – and fun. Besides a Q&A session with the three people mentioned above as well as wonderful roundtables, the media (that’s me) were treated to an Ink & Paint demonstration and lesson. And, we painted our own cell. Basically, this is pretty old-school animation because of the new technology, but it is fun!

Thank you Disney and Click Communications for the great day. Let’s do it again – soon.

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