Holidayed Out

It’s the first weekend of November and I have already screened dozens of holiday movies. After awhile they start to blur. There are, however, a few that do stand out and ones I would like to see again next year. I’m holding onto that screener! 

The holidays come earlier and earlier every year. Stores want to get the most revenue they can, which is understandable, but come on, starting holiday commercials and sales in October? That’s overkill. And by the time the holidays really do come, we are holidayed out.

It’s my own fault for screening as many holiday movies as I do. I request them every year. I always enjoy trying to find the one special holiday film that will be unique and fun. I still have a stack of screeners on my table waiting to be played. Who knows, perhaps there will be another one that will catch my fancy. If not, then the one jewel I did see will be at the top of my list of new holiday films for 2014.

There are plenty of great holiday classics: Holiday Inn, White Christmas, It Happened One Night, It Happened One Christmas, and others that are enjoyed annually. What are your favorite holiday movies? Have you found a special new film this year? Take it from me there are plenty coming out on TV and DVD, and many of them are pretty good.