Moms' Night Out Event

Wow. What a great event for the launch of the Blu-ray and DVD of Sony’s Moms’ Night Out. Thank you Nicole at mPRm, The Buzz Girls, Sony Home Entertainment, Spoke & Weal, and everyone at the MNO party.

We were treated to food (including amazing cupcakes from Sweet E’s), wine (and assorted soft drinks), mini-manicures, hair styling, waxing, neck massages, and a great time schmoozing with colleagues. I had my hair styled not once, but twice! Yep. First I got it straightened, and then later in the evening I got it curled. I heard Princess Diana had her hair styled several times a day. Last night I was treated like a princess.

A lot of work and time goes into my job, however every once in awhile there are some fun perks, and the MNO event was one of them.