Talented Families

I recently had the opportunity to attend (and review) three wonderful concerts. One was The Osmond Brothers, another was The Duttons, and the other night I saw The King Cousins. These are all talented families, and not all of the talent was on stage during these concerts. Every one of these families has other members who are performers and also artistic but were not part of these particular concerts.

Talent often runs in families. Even the acting profession has given us many talented families: The Bridges, The Bottoms, The Barrymores, the Cassidys, and several others.

Today the most famous family is the Kardashians. WHY? What have they done besides have a great publicist? Do they have talent to entertain either by dancing, singing, or acting? NO. It boggles my mind to think that this family is one of the most talked about families today. I simply don’t understand it. They don’t do anything. Would you pay money to go see the Kardashians shop? I cannot understand anyone who is glued to the television set when a Kardashian show is on.

My advice to anyone who is mesmerized by the K family (I cannot even bring myself to type their name any more) is to take in a concert with a talented family. Then see what a real entertaining family is!